Seven ways to find a lover! Garden festival ‘Le voyage des plantes’

Construction time: 2006 – 2007
Place: Martelange, Belgique
Client: Parc Naturel Haute-Sûre et Forêt d’Anlier
B- Martelange

In cooperation with Alan Johnston


Seven illustrated “love stories” tell the visitors about the river meadows plants, their typical features and about their vital space. The memory of plants and their stories accompanies the visitors to other places. In the vital space of the river meadows, the presented plants are almost “invisible”. They hide themselves in a layer of vegetation. The installation tries to stage these plants and emphasize them individually. The creative interventions are inspired by the specificity of the place. Seven paths take up the shade of large poplars and direct us towards one of the plants. Each path is composed of a mown stringcourse and a unilateral structure made of plastic tube which leads us towards a vertical red plant window. In each red plant window there is a black silhouette of the respective plant belonging to the river meadows. A horizontal narrative table informs the visitor with more detailed explanations about the plants and their lovers. The objective of the installation lies in attracting the visitors with the love story of the river meadows, to stir up their enthusiasm for the plants and to win their hearts in telling them a love story.