Schoettermarial Kirchberg

Construction time: 2005
Place: Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Luxembourg
Developer: Ministry of Transport
Architect: DEWEY MULLER Architectes et Urbanistes
L- Luxembourg

Concept of open spaces – Underground reception area: forest of oaks – swing-line – oval media

The Underground reception area is above the wooded slope edge. Important oak forest, which is kept almost in its entirety, is shaping the slope. The light oak forest structure flows like an organically formed surface on the reception area. At the Underground port along with the slope we are connected with the reception area via escalators, ramps and foot paths. The swing-line starts zigzagging from the Underground port on the slope. On the surface of the place, the swing-line is transformed into a natural stone wall which creates a dynamic movement and is used as delimitation with the oak forest inside the place surface. Oval surfaces in the shape of small islands structure a part of the place surface. They are used as media with various uses, such as water surface, wood deck and intense plantation of various colours.