Rathausvorplatz, Troisvierges

Planning phase: preliminary draft
Site: Troisvierges, Luxembourg
Surface: 1 100 m²
Developer: Municipality of Troisvierges, Luxembourg

Townhall forecourt in Troisvierges

In the heart of the city of Troisvierges, there is a forecourt to the townhall that serves as a recreational and welcome space in front of the building.

Thanks to its structural separation between the main street and the forecourt, the open space concept of a “Communicative Togetherness” reduces the traffic volumes in front of the townhall to a minimum. The representative character and the welcoming surroundings have become again the main qualities of this area around the forecourt.

Ribbon-like plantations and uniform paving underline the generous setting of the new sculpture on the forecourt. Shady niches, surrounded by trees, with benches invite to linger.