Planning process

Participative process as part of the schoolyard planning

In the framework of a planning workshop, the ideas of pupils and teachers are collected and analyzed. The results are integrated and add a particular quality to the planning thanks to the numerous identifying elements.

Planning process, primary school Sandweiler

Participation is the basis for social learning and a responsible handling of the environment. In Sandweiler, this participation in the redesign of the schoolyard took place in the form of a planning workshop that we facilitated ourselves with pupils, parent representatives and teachers. It has allowed to develop the fundamentals for a formulation of the new schoolyard concept. In a presentation oriented towards dialogue, our office has explained the theme and illustrated the requirements of a contemporary schoolyard design. We have answered numerous questions raised by the young audience and sent the pupils into the creative process with lots of new suggestions. Later, the school classes have taken up the theme in an individual way with their teachers and created charming drawings and models of their schoolyard ideas. A school exhibition has presented the projects to all interested parties and triggered a wide ranging exchange of views.

Each project has been studied for its qualities. The quality elements have been collected, categorized and their respective merits have been discussed in the forum with representatives of all parties involved. As a result, a quality programme has been developed for the future schoolyard. The qualities of the programme are now part of the project for the open space concept of the schoolyard ´Um Weier’.

Planning process, primary school Perl

The trans-border planning workshop for the primary school Perl has developed numerous ideas for the schoolyard and the adjacent areas. The result has led to an open space concept for a park with lots of possibilities to play and to meet which reaches far beyond its own region.