Nouvelle station de traitement du SEBES, Eschdorf

Competition: 1st prize, 2013
Site: Eschdorf, Luxembourg
Surface: 10 880 m²
Developer: SEBES Eschdorf, Luxembourg
Engineers: SGI Ingénieurie, L-Junglinster
Architect: Witry & Witry Architektur Urbanisme, L-Echternach

SEBES Eschdorf

– Water ressource in the cultural landscape of the Oesling

The open space concept connects the SEBES Eschdorf to the surrounding cultural landscape of the Oesling. Traditional agricultural structures, like hedges, meadows, groups of trees and alleys, offer a link between the Centre and its natural environment. A new configuration of the landscape structures allows for the performance of new functions (e.g. optimization of the seepage and evaporation of rainwater).

An intergenerational recreational area is created between the SEBES and Eschdorf. It offers a set of recreational and playing activities close to nature for visitors and inhabitants of the village alike.