Neiwiss school, Rodange

Construction time: 2010 – 2011
Site: Rodange, Luxembourg
Surface: 4 350 m²
Developer: Municipality of Petange, Luxembourg

The École Neiwiss is a pre- and primary school in the centre of Rodange.

Polygonal space sequences are a crucial urban element of the new schoolyard at the primary school. They offer different opportunities to play and enter into a dialogue with the architecture and the surroundings. Linear light strips underline the main access ways and offer a safe orientation in the dark.

The new schoolyard of the pre-school conveys the experience of nature in a new context. Old trees are integrated in the new setting and provide precious shade for the children. The transformation of an inaccessible slope into a playground creates a high playing value. This is an open space for gliding and climbing – the bodily feeling increases and can be developed safely.