Maison relais, Wincrange

Construction time: 2008 – 2013
Site: Wincrange, Luxembourg
Surface: 1 300 m²
Developer: Municipality of Wincrange, Luxembourg

Playground at the Maison Relais – Wincrange

The playground close to nature at the Maison Relais is for small children (0-3 years) and it is structured in Sandland, Sunland, Woodland and Hedgeland.

The Sandland is a modelled playing landscape made of sand and erratic stone blocks. Here, children can mould sand to their heart’s content. Play sculptures around the theme of water animals trigger quite a few surprises and stimulate the imagination of the children. The most generous space in the playground, bathed in lots of light, is the Sunland. Numerous play islands offer possibilities for movement, climbing and sliding games.

The area of the Woodland is shaded by trees. A little wooden village made of jungle houses allows for games of hide and seek as well as role plays. The playground is framed by an undulating hedge close to nature. The hedge is leading the children towards Sand-, Sun- and Woodland.