Forecourt, Maison Relais Schifflange

Construction time: 2014 – 2015
Site: Schifflange, Luxembourg
Surface: 1 200 m²
Developer: Municipality of Schifflange, Luxembourg
Architecture and urban planning: Alleva Enzio architectes, L-Pétange

Open space concept – urban forecourt of the Maison Relais –

The polygonal forecourt is the reception zone for children and visitors on their way to the Maison Relais. The paved surface of the forecourt connects the building with the public space and its traffic network. Safe stops for bus services and individual transportation are located in the immediate vicinity (Kiss & Go). The paved court is surrounded by a green tree roof.

Areas planted with trees and bushes act as a protection and buffer zone against the adjacent transport area and lead towards the future school complex ‘Op Hudelen’.