« De Park », Ettelbrück

Competition: 2nd prize, 2013
Site: Ettelbrück, Luxembourg
Surface: 24 028 m²
Developer: CHNP, L-Ettelbrück
Architect: Architecture & Environnement, L-Luxembourg

Walk right in and discover Sculptures in the Park!

The urbanistic and scenic situation of the Maison de Santé designed by Sosthène Weis is reinforced and clarified by reserved interventions in an open space planning.

The key objectives are to maintain and to upgrade the historic building structure with a high-value grove of bushes and trees, a respectful development of the sculpture park and the historic building as well as the clear contextualization of the surrounding city landscape of Ettelbruck.

The new focal point is the sculpture park as centre of attraction way beyond its own region for patients, members of staff and visitors alike.