Centre Scolaire ‘Op Hudelen’, Schifflange

Competition: 1st prize, 2011
Site: Schifflange, Luxembourg
Surface: 28 780 m²
Developer: Municipality of Schifflange, Luxembourg
Architecture and urban planning: Alleva Enzio architectes, L-Pétange
Landscape architecture and urban planning: Maja Devetak Landschaftsarchitektur

Open space concept – neighbourhood extension ‘Op Hudelen’

The new “school complex” extends the neighbourhood by strips of land with facilities of the public infrastructure: Maison Relais, Primary school, Gymnasium, Précoce and Pre-school. They are grouped in an L-shape along the new neighbourhood square which forms the central, multifunctional square surface.

The open space concept establishes for the extension area of the neighbourhood “op Hudelen” an open space structure made of green corridors. The guiding principle is to prolong existing, adjacent green surfaces along the edges of the area and to upgrade them to transition zones. The “Green Space Edge” is a polygonal green surface with mineral and meadow-type floor coverings. Strips of tree alleys link up the extended green surfaces with the existing green connections. Other open space elements are made out of meadows that provide space reserves for the future development of the neighourhood.

The north-eastern retention strips in the form of alleys collect the water of the retentions strips along the sides of the building. The large retention area is connected with the adjacent open spaces via flat, slowly ascending wet meadows.